The products and services we provide

We love bees, they are amazing creatures. We offer some great products and services to help them and you out of sticky situations.

Swarm rescue (collection / removal)

If you have a honey bee swarm that has just arrived on your property, and you would like it removed, we can do so professionally, safely, quickly, and free of charge using specialised equipment.

Hive rescue (removal)

If honeybees have taken up residence in your house, shed, or other structure on your property (eg. tree), and you would like them removed, contact us to arrange a free no obligation quote.

Swarm traps (prevention)

If you would like to protect your property, or catch swarms for education or entertainment, contact us and we can set you up with great looking gear scientifically designed and tested for the purpose.

honeybee swarm examples

Swarms form when a honeybee queen leaves the hive with approximately half the worker bees and settles on a temporary structure awaiting the colony decision to move to a permanent location. This decision can take from minutes to days as scout bees search for a suitable hive location and report back to the colony. The decision usually only takes an hour or two if a suitable location is nearby.

A honeybee swarm on a tree

On a tree trunk or a branch

This is the most common place you will notice a honeybee swarm clustered. They will most usually be hanging on a branch 1 to 3 metres off the ground.

A honeybee swarm on a fence

On a fence or other structure

The second most common site for a honeybee swarm to cluster is on a fence, compost heap, or other man made structure above the ground.

A honeybee swarm on a vehicle

On a vehicle

Not a very common location to find a honeybee swarm, but a little inconvenient if it happens to you!


In North Canterbury the honeybee swarm season usually starts in late Sept, and ends in Jan, with most swarms during Oct and Nov.

Swarms later than December are usually less frequent, much smaller, and less likely to survive the coming winter without help.

Swarm season in New Zealand


If you need fast, friendly and professional honeybee removal, give us a call.
We have the necessary equipment for a fuss free removal and can help answer any questions you may have.