Hive rescue

honeybee hive removal

Once established in a permanent location bees are not likely to leave. The hive will continue to grow larger, the bees will get protective of their hive, they can be decimated by disease and honey can start leaking from the comb and cause property damage.

NEVER poison a hive. You may successfully kill the 30,000 to 60,000 bees, and all the bees that initially come to rob the unprotected honey; however, any volume of dead bees smells like a dead animal as they decompose and the stench will be unbearable. The honey will most certainly leak out of the comb and has been known to drip down the inside of walls and onto the floor. The poison will eventually wear off and the smell of beeswax will be a magnet to attract the next swarm that comes your way, as well as other unwanted pests (mice, ants, cockroaches, etc).

You are best to contact us in this situation and we can provide you a quote to physically remove the hive. A cut-out can be a lot of work.

honeybee hive in wall

Hive exposed in house wall during removal


If you need fast, friendly and professional swarm removal, give us a call.
We have the necessary specialised equipment for a fuss free removal and can help answer any questions you may have.